The measure of things

The headline caught my eye back in September, and I knew it was a subject that I had to write about for Gydle. I stashed it in my “writing ideas” bookmark folder and there it sat, waiting. Last week, an article appeared in the local paper, reminding me. And then yesterday it hit – today, February 29, is the perfect day to write about this.

Did you know that the kilogram is losing weight? So you, therefore, are gaining weight?

But, you say, a kilogram isn’t a thing, it’s a measurement unit! You’re right, it’s one of the SI units, which together make up the solid mathematical foundation upon which all science is done.  When you study science, you study units. Rule #1: make sure the units balance out.

(Well, if you’re an American, it’s more like First, stop thinking in feet and ounces. Then make sure the units balance out.)

A kilogram can’t lose weight! That’s just absurd.

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