Gydle is a niche-free blog about things I find interesting—science, philosophy, writing. hiking, running, yoga, books… The word “Gydle” isn’t in the dictionary, but it does have personal meaning. Read about it here.

Despite my brother’s best intentions, my name isn’t really Gydle. It’s Mary. I do a lot of things and think about a lot of things and it’s great that you have stopped by to sample some of my stuff. If you have comments about the blog in general or suggestions for future “research”—please leave a comment on this page and I promise to get back to you. None of the information you share (e.g. your e-mail address) will be used for nefarious purposes, e.g. advertising. For more details on that please read my Privacy Policy.

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Here’s a picture of me from a recent adventure, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail through Oregon. And another from an even more recent funfest running the Queenstown Marathon in New Zealand.