Oct 042011

It’s that time of year again – Nobel Prize season.  Today the physics prize was announced, and all over the twittosphere science writers were tweeting about one of the recipients – the first Nobel Prize winner with a non-professional twitter account! (@cosmicpinot) Would it, could it out-trend the iPhone 5 announcement? How many followers would he have by the end of the day? (It went from 350-1,230 by the end of the day in Switzerland….) The physicist-tweeter, Brian Schmidt, is an amateur wine-maker from Australia; he also happens to be an astronomer who contributed to the stunning discovery that the universe is expanding at an accelerated pace. The mystery to it all is dark energy, which nobody understands yet. He shared the prize with Adam Riess from the Johns Hopkins University, who said, “The phone rang, it was 5:30 and it was some Swedish sounding people, and I knew they click here to read the whole dang post […]