Moment of beauty III

This is a photo from the UN flickr site, showing the lake this past weekend near Geneva. It has been bitter cold and windy, and that makes the ice do weird things as it sprays up onto the shore.

More images of frozen cars, trees and benches like this one can be seen at 9gag, just type “Lake Geneva” in the search window.

I’ll take this opportunity to pass along a few more links:

Santa’s in a time warp

It’s December. How did that happen? Good grief.

Oh, that’s right, November disappeared in a blur of self-imposed word-count goals. So far, December is disappearing in a fog of research into stem cell technology. I had no idea how much I didn’t know about biotechnology and genetics.

Today, as part of this ongoing self-education marathon, I opened up my Newswise daily press-release wire, and happened to seeĀ  this in the “most popular” column:

Researcher explains how Santa Delivers Presents in One Night

Under this provocative title, released at 7:35 am EST on December 6 (St. Nicolas’ day), the words Expert available were highlighted in red. How fortunate! Continue reading