PCT Days 14 & 15 – Double zero in Sisters

August 6 & 7
Miles hiked: 0
Total Trip Miles: 263.9

Sleeping in a bed, my head on a pillow.
A shower in the morning.
A cup of coffee (or two!) with milk in it.
Long chats in the garden, with nowhere to go.
Watching the Olympics on TV.
Eating wonderful food in restaurants.
Reconnecting with family and sharing memories of my dad.
Two wonderful days whizzed by. Here’s me with my Uncle Jim and Aunt Judi, in Bend, on a shopping trip (REI!!)


When Marc saw the same down puffy I bought for him on MassDrop last spring in an outfitter in Bend, he convinced Jim he had to have one too. Here are the two of them posing in their ultra-cool puffies:


Jim and Judi are fantastic hosts! Why haven’t I been coming here every single summer? On Saturday night they take us to dinner at Black Butte Ranch and the cook, James, comes out to chat with us and check on Jim’s special-order vegan dinner. James used to work at Timberline Lodge, which we will be passing through in a few days’ time. He has a message for someone named Scott there. A very *ahem* colorful message. I promise to deliver it in person.

We pack up and plan to hit the trail bright and early Monday morning. It has been such a restful and relaxing weekend! I have a new pair of La Sportivas and a new UPF 50 shirt. We’re fed and rested and clean. E-mails have been caught up with. All is well with the world.

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